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Since July of 2019, the Society of Fraternal Aid has provided monthly groceries to refugees escaping war and resettling in foreign countries. We are continually accepting donations throughout the year to help fund this program (at least $50 USD a month is necessary). In addition to providing financial support for their groceries, it is also possible to donate gifts of toys and clothing. Our current refugee family consists of a mother and child. We are accepting womens clothing size small and children's clothing size 2T and up. Other suggested items are English language learning tools with audio/visual components for both adults and children. Toiletries and other necessities are also welcome. See items from previous care packages for them in our instagram story. 

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Three individuals formerly sponsored by this program have since become able to sustain themselves in their new homes independently of Society aid. Refugees B, S, and H, were provided monthly groceries from August of 2019 - December 2021 by the Society of Fraternal Aid. We thank our generous contributors for making this possible and wish our refugees the best in their future lives!

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