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The Society of Fraternal Aid currently accepts the following handknit items: 

  • 20 cm x 20 cm (about 8 x 8 inch) knit or crocheted squares to be sewn into blankets. Completed knit or crocheted blankets are also accepted

  • Knit hats, socks, sweaters, scarves, of any size, infant to adulthood 

  • Fingered gloves are preferred to mittens, but both are acceptable

  • Baby blankets, homemade or otherwise, are continually accepted. Please no microfiber

  • Knitted or quilted stuffed animals of small handheld size are very much appreciated as well! Please, no eyes made with beads or buttons, fabric only.

    These goods are collected and forwarded through Society funding to Love in the Language of Yarn, an organization based in Turkey working inside the displacement camps for Syria's war torn children and families. To date, ​the Society of Fraternal Aid has received more than 250 knit squares and clothing items. This drive is in loving memory of our very first supporter, an elderly Syrian refugee herself. Before her passing, she knitted many of the first squares donated to the Society. She wished to remain anonymous.

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