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The historic Society of Fraternal Aid was created in the age of the Russian Empire. The aim of its re-establishment in 2018 was to continue the legacy of charity efforts by Grand Duchess Maria's family.

Those who benefitted from the original Society of Fraternal Aid were soldiers and families of the Russian Empire during World War I, among whom were ethnic Russians and Ukrainians. These brave men fought and died together alongside their Western Allies for a noble cause. We continue to respect their memory and the memory of our forebears who served them through Society efforts. As we move forward, it is important to stress that the use of any historical imagery in our publications or membership gifts are out of respect for the memory of the volunteers of the original Society and those they served. It is largely through this historical interest that we garner supporters for our causes. 

The Society of Fraternal Aid has always existed first and foremost as a charitable organization. We strive to remain free of political bias as we serve those in need. We remain unaffiliated with any modern day governing body in any country. It is our mission to support victims, survivors, and refugees during the tragedy of war, regardless of ethnicity or nationality. 

We look forward to continuing our service to those affected by war with the help of supporters like you. 

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